5 earrings, you can see through your personality and habits in one second!

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you can see through your personality and habits in one second!

  If you want to know a girl, want to know her character and habits, Realbang provides you with the easiest way! In fact, there is one piece of jewelry in daily life that will expose your personality and habits, that is, earrings.

  Although small earrings are not conspicuous in many jewelry, we can never deny the importance of earrings. It can not only modify a person's face and skin tone, but also reflect your personality and temperament, let us see what kind of personality and habits you have!

  If other factors were not taken into consideration, which of these five earrings would you choose? (Single choice)

丨Small stud earrings

丨Slim metal earrings

丨Gentle pearl earrings

丨Angular geometric shape earrings

丨Design earrings with complex shapes

(Remember to read the following answer analysis after choosing~)

1. Choose "Small Jewel stud Earrings"

This kind of earrings is a very everyday style, simple in shape but not lost in mind. The woman who actively chooses this earring is also a woman who likes to live a simple life but does not overly pursue material life, and most of her dressing is simple.

2. slender metal earrings

The slender metal earrings can well modify the shape of the face and make the lines of the whole face softer. The woman who chooses this earring has high requirements for herself and is not able to accept the shortcomings in her body. Once she finds it, she will find ways to correct it in time to ensure her perfect image in front of others.

3. Gentle pearl earrings

Just like Realbang’s adjectives for pearl earrings, women who choose this earrings are usually gentle in their first reaction. They have the virtues of traditional women. They are usually quiet in work and life and do not like to be pushy. , Seldom take the initiative to talk to people. People who are familiar with them all think they are very considerate and good talkers.

4. Angular geometric shape earrings

Geometric earrings have sharp edges and corners and are very modern in design. Women who like this style are generally very individual and confident. Their professional ambitions are usually heavier, even a little "workaholic" tendency, and such a work attitude can easily make them "strong women" in the eyes of others.

5. Exaggerated earrings with complex shapes

Women who like exaggerated earrings have a strong aura. They are unwilling to live a plain life and have their own pursuits and ambitions. Such women are usually the most outstanding and conspicuous among a group of women.


  Which earring do you like? diamond earrings、hoop earrings、stud earrings、cross earrings、gold earrings.

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