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Natural 3D Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelashes Set 7 Pair QY
  【Brand】:Yaya Princess 【Type】:Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelashes Set  【Stem Type】:Cotton 【Material】:Chemical Fiber 【Name】:7+2 Magnetic Set 【Weight】:80g 【Package Box】:17.6×14.5×1.6cm
$39.99 $19.99
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3D Mink Slim Eyelashes 5Pair QY G800
【Brand】:Yaya Princess 【Type】:5D-15 【Style】:Natural Slim  【Stem Style】:Cotton 【Material】:Mink 【Quanlity】:5 Pair 【Weight】:14g 【Length】:1cm 【Package Box】:15.5*9.5*1.2cm                        
$20.88 $15.88
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12 pcs Eye Natural Hair Makeup Brushes Set Kit Cosmetic OVW
Selected Hairs Brushes made of goat hair, horse hair ,weasel and synthetic hair , meet different kinds of pruducts including cream and powder and liquids Great Profermance Natural hairs super good for blending and shading  
$38.88 $25.88
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Natural Makeup Brushes Set OVW
Gift bag for 24 pcs set Professional Makeup Brush Set   Includin 01 Multi TaskPowder Brush 4.7cm/20cm 02 Round Powder Brush 4.7cm/19.5cm 03 Powder/ Blush Brush 4.0cm/19cm ( 01/02/03 goat hair ) 04 Contour Brush 3.5cm/18.3cm 05 Highlight/Blush Brush 3.5cm/18cm...
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Classic Eye Shadow Blending Brush Flat Shader Brush OVW
  Hair length:1.4cm/0.55in   Total length: 17.3cm/6.8in 12 The Shader Bristles made from the soft hair of the goat This makeup must-have brush makes blending any product easy! Its classic,rounded, super-soft tip ensures the ultimate blend is achieved every time.  ...
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Cosmetic Makeup Tools Brush Set Horse Goat Hair 15 pcs OVW
    1 Powder Brush/ Goat Hair/ 5cm/18.5cm 2 Blush Brush/ Goat Hair/ 4.5cm/17.5cm 3 Contour Brush/ Goat Hair/ 3.5cm/16.5cm 4 Highlight Brush/ Goat Hair/ 4.5cm/17cm 5 Foundation Brush/ Synthetic Hair/ 2cm/15.3cm 6 Angled Shading Brush/ Horse Hair/ 1.5cm 14.5cm...
$78.88 $45.88
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