Estimate Delivery Date

Calculating when your order will arrive is easy! You can calculate a delivery estimate by taking the processing time for your order and adding the transit time based on the shipping method you've chosen. Many items are marked "Ships in 24hrs", meaning that those items are guaranteed to leave our warehouse within 24 hours of payment confirmation. Therefore, the Processing Time for these items will be less than 1 business day. 

Please use the chart below to help calculate how long it will take to receive your order.

Order Processing Time

Processing time differs from category to category. please refer to the table below for more precise processing and shipping times to better estimate when you will receive your order.

Ships in 24hrs
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Items marked "Ships in 24hrs" < 24 hours
Weddings & Events
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Wedding Dresses, Wedding Party Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses 10-14
Home & Garden
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Faucets 1-4
Home Décor & Other 3-7
Lights & Wall Art 3-15
Window Treatments 6-9
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Fashion 14
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Car Electronics, MP3 & Media Players 3-5
Security Systems, Cameras & Camcorders, Android HD Players, Mini PC & Other 3-7
Mobile Phones & Tablets
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Cell Phones & Android Tablets 2-5
Health & Beauty
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Tattoos & Body Art 1-4
Wigs 3-25
Tattoo Kits (Except Damascus Kits), Damascus Machines, Tattoo Kits & Other 6-10
Sports & Hobbies
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Cosplay & Costumes 5-10
Ukuleles & Violins 7-15
Sports & Outdoors
Category Order Processing Time (business days)
Cycling 10-26
Ice Skating Wear 19-21
Exercise & Fitness 3-21
Other 3-8

Shipping Time
Shipping Method Region Delivery Time
(business days)
Peak Season Delivery Time(business days)
Postal Service - No Tracking
Postal Service - Tracking
Brazil, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Mexico 15-35 20-45
All Other Countries 10-20 15-30
Expedited Postal Russia & Brazil 10-25
Latin America (excluding Brazil) 7-15
All Other Countries 5-8
*Priority Line The United States 4-7
Expedited Express Worldwide (excluding Russia, Brazil & Greece) 3-5
Name for *Priority Line:
The United states Economy Air
The other countries Priority Line

  •  We Ship Orders in a Single Package
    (Unless otherwise stated) the total length of time it will take for you to receive your order should be calculated using the longest estimated time for items in your order.
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